Season for cherry blossoms

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Flowers bloom in springtime, and one of the most intoxicating ones are cherry blossoms. -- Is there any attraction to enjoy cherry blossoms close at hand?

You might think of the Prince Bay Park, where the cherry blossoms there are like rosy clouds, and form a beautiful scenery together with the streams. Or the Breeze-ruffled Lotus beside the West Lake, you might think. However, neither of them can we walk there in 10 minutes.

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Photo: YU Hongxiang

In fact, in Yuquan Campus there is a forest  of cherry blossoms right here under your nose, just between the CSE Institute of Cyber-Systems and Control (CSC) and CSE Old Building.

Photo: NI Yinjie

Photo: CAO Zheng

Standing in the forest, the pink petals hover over the top of the head. Within the flower cluster, industrious bees are working collecting nectar. The forest has attracted many students, teachers and citizens to take pictures.

Photo: PAN Yang

Select a sunny weekend, you can rug the blanket and have a picnic under the flowers. Have fun by eating sandwiches and enjoying the sunshine that falls through the petals at the same time. 

Photo: YU Hongxiang

Students are embracing graduation in this season. Graduates take group photos in the cherry blossoms, capturing the most beautiful commemoration of campus life.


Photo: YU Hongxiang

The terrace on the third floor of the CSC Institute is also a wonderful place to enjoy blossoms. Looking down, the white wave of flowers is dotted with pink. If you look far into the distance, the forest is integrated with the mountain, as if you are in a paradise.

Photo: YU Hongxiang

At the end of March, it still rains a lot in Hangzhou. After a spring rain, the flowers fall all over the lawn. Stepping on the carpet made of blossoms, it seems to be in a fairytale.

Photo: YU Hongxiang

We meet every flower once in our lifetime. Come to Yuquan, cherish this breath-taking moment with us and look forward to the next blossom.

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