Let life be beautiful like summer flowers - a Hangzhou glance

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It is commonly known that Hangzhou is a livable city for human beings. What is it like for others? --Today we will highlight another side of Hangzhou at the city botanical garden and zoo.

Hangzhou Botanical Garden is adjacent to the ZJU Yuquan Campus, which only takes a 5 minutes walk from the south gate. The garden has a wonderful environment filled with fragrance of flowers and birds' twitter. It is blessed to have such a natural oxygen bar in the downtown area. Walking along the stone path, the winding streams murmur around you with fish shuttling between the stones. The distant peaks are partly visible among the lush vegetation with reflection in the crystal clear water.

Because of the excellent ecological environment, all kinds of cherished birds take here as their home, attracting photography enthusiasts all over the city to capture pictures with all kinds of cameras.

It is a paradise for children and is very suitable for family outings. Children are excited to stay at the lakes and interact with fish as if they use the same language. It is a good chance to experience the vitality and charm of nature.

Moreover, you cannot miss the moment wandering in the sculptures and paintings that of miraculous creation at the Han Meilin Art Gallery in the park. Mr. Han is famous for his design of Beijing Olympic Games Mascot, Fuwa.

Finally, you come to Yuquan Fish Leap, one of the most famous attractions in the garden, and even the Yuquan Campus was named after it. Big fish slowly swim in the water, just like the city that well manages her own pace between development and leisure.

Hangzhou Zoo is next to the Tiger Run Park, a little further away from the campus. It takes about 20 minutes driving along the Yanggong Dike.

Compared with the quiet botanical garden, here it is more likely to make friends of different species. Lions, tigers, leopards, wolves, elephants, giraffes, alpacas, brown bears, reptiles and rare birds  are all gathered like a tiny world next door.

Pandas, our national treasure, are undoubtedly the biggest stars of the zoo. The panda hall is usually overflowed with tourists, with children sitting on the shoulders of parents merely for a glance. Our national treasures in contrary, sit in the corner at ease and hold fresh bamboo without a break as if no one exists.

With regard to the biggest star in water, sea lions are second to none. They seem to understand human feelings. Besides taking an individual photo with her, you will get a gentle kiss on cheek if lucky.

April 22 is the Earth Day. In Hangzhou, humanity and natural landscape are perfectly integrated, and you can truly feel the harmony between man and nature. It is a lovely home for not only human beings but also diverse creatures. In its arms, we College of Control Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University has also been committed to energy conservation and emission reduction for promoting sustainable development. 

Why don’t you come and take a personal look at it? 

Reporter & Photo: YU Hongxiang

Editor: WANG Jing

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