Capturing autumn colors: CSE holds photography training session

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On September 28, 2020, a photography training session with the theme of “Capturing Autumn Colors” was held in the College of Control Science and Engineering. The invited speaker is Dr. FANG Wei from the College of Optical Science and Engineering, who lectures one the most popular photography courses on campus. Approximately 30 faculty members and students attended the session, including members of the CSE International Communications Team.



Dr. Fang carried out the lecture from six aspects: lens and angle of view, aperture and shutter selection, how to correct exposure, composition analysis of a picture, conference photography, as well as mobile photography. Combined with his rich theoretical knowledge and shooting experience, he explained practical photography knowledge in a humorous way, and thus the trainees were able to easily acquire the basic principles, shooting modes and key techniques. Plenty of photographic works, which are vivid and attractive, were shared at the session, backing his theory.


After the lecture, participants passionately communicated with Dr. Fang. Dr. Fang also encouraged everyone to practice more and more in daily life to further improve photographic sense and skills.


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