On the day of graduation

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Surprisingly, this is a brilliant sunny day.

Today is a rare sunny day.

Accompanying the graduation is another rainy season. We met each other at the end of a rainy season at ZJUCSE but said farewell to each other at the beginning of another rainy season.

The sudden epidemic broke this graduation season and the parting was so fast that it was too late for sadness and memories. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic shorten the last time together and it is too hurried to feel sad and memorize our life here But fortunately, although  the meeting has become a luxury in this special summer, we can reunite today and leave write/draw our collective memories together on our graduation photos.

The glorious sunshine makes it difficult to open my eyes and smile. I took a deep breath to savor the taste of summer, which is a combination of sunshine, glass, sweat and laughter, and it has not appeared for a long time. I worked hard to manage my expressions, trying to leave the most handsome side in the memories of myself and my classmates, but finally compromised with a fatuous smile in the sunshine of the midsummer.

The distance from the 5th student dormitory to the School of Control is only 720 meters, but it is long enough to store each day spent on the Yuquan campus in  every one meter. When I walked along the path to the laboratory in the past, I always felt that the slope was so long and steep that it made me pant. But today, I just want to walk slower, slower, and slower, so that I can  fulfill my memories step by step along the way.

Although we missed the Sakura blooming at the Yuquan campus in April this year , we have harvested the summer greenery on time. Let us pretend that the Sakura are still in full bloom, and put a Zhejiang University badge on this former flower road. Countless adjustments and retakes, just for a most complete and symmetrical photo. It seems that only by doing so can we have no regrets in my college life I just wish this eagle that will take off today!

Four years ago, I came to Hangzhou, an unfamiliar city, with my backpack and embarked on the most important journey of my life. I have studied and lived with the support of my classmates and teachers, striving to become a better self.

Now, I put myself in a bachelor's suit into the frame, awkwardly signed my name on the signature wall, took away the seal called "Son of Seeking Truth", faded the halo of Zhejiang University students, and draw a beautiful stop for these four years.

What happen in the past Four yearslike a story in a dream, with tearsand joy accompanying all the way.

The sun has emerged from the clouds, then it is time for us to set off again!

Happy Graduation!

Reporter: LI Weiheng

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