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    The International Joint Research Center of Quality-targeted Process Optimization and Control was founded based on the College of Control Science and Engineering as well as the College of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Zhejiang University. It gathers talented teams and scholars in process control and process system engineering worldwide including Zhejiang University (China), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU, the United States), Laboratory of Reactions and Process Engineering of National Center of Scientific Research (LRPE, France), the University of Ilmenau (TU/IL, Germany), and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST, China). There is a profound basis for interdisciplinary integration among the partners, and it carries out fruitful cooperation in refined quality index modeling, real-time optimization of complex systems, large-scale dynamic system optimization, polymer preparation, reaction and processing, high-quality injection molding, optimal control for batch process and control optimization integration.

    The establishment of the center enhances the interdisciplinary fusion among control engineering, chemical engineering and material engineering. Further quality-oriented research represented by polymer reaction-modification-molding will be promoted, forming an R&D base in process-equipment-optimization-control integration. On the whole, the center is targeted to realize a virtuous cycle of international fundamental research - technology development - industrial application - talent cultivation, and to improve the level of refinement and optimality of China’s process industry operation.

    Directors: Prof. SHAO Zhijiang (ZJU), Prof. L. T. Biegler (CMU)

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