(1) Introduce creative insight into discipline construction and academic research; bring up strategic and prospective research ideas and topics concerning the research focuses and development direction.
    (2) Plan and conduct significant national scientific research projects, and promote the relevant disciplines to develop on the leading edge in China and exert influence abroad.
    (3) Construct academic echelon in the concerned direction or discipline; teach core courses for undergraduates; supervise graduate students; and provide valuable consultations and suggestions on the reform of curriculum framework, content and teaching material construction.
    (4) Attain significant academic achievements.


    (1) Holding a Ph.D., holding associate professorship or above (or a similar position) in a reputable oversea university or specialty disciplines of a university, or possessing research capability or achievement approximately equivalent to professors in the University in the relevant academic field.
    (2) In good health, working full time in the University, and under 50 years of age.

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